Campus Solutions
About YouFirst Cashless Campus Program

YouFirst Cashless Campus Program (YCCP) aims to digitalize the financial system of educational institutes. YouFirst aims at achieving cash-free campuses by enabling the institute, parent & students to pay/receive fees & miscellaneous digital payments by using the campus card & payment gateway. It can also be integrated to the existing school ERP systems enhancing efficiency across data handling and communication.

YouFirst stays updated with the latest technology which proves beneficial for the institute, parent and student in reducing costs, to advance in technology and manage data smartly. This card enables the student to build a sense of responsibility towards financial literacy.


All-in-One RFID-enabled Campus Card

Communication/Notification Platform

Tailor-made Tech Solutions

Financial Literacy

App/Wallet with all parental control

Payment Integration

Financial Dashboard

Digital Access Management
  • GenNext Campus for a cash-free campus
  • Optimize payment collection through automation
  • Instilling good financial habits in students so they are prepared for the new age financial world
  • Easy and secure payments by eliminating cash transactions
  • RFID-enabled cards that integrate digital access/attendance management
  • Institute branded VISA card
  • Convenient communication tool
  • A mobile app for the parents for responsible parenting
  • Pay children’s educational fees at own convenience
  • No worry about loss or theft of the card as the money is secured
  • Develop cashless habits in children
  • Monitoring the expenses & smart savings
  • Easy top-up anytime & anywhere
  • Privileged personalized card
  • Eliminates the worry for students to carry cash in their pockets
  • Safe & secure in case of theft or loss of the card
  • Responsible future generation
  • All-in-one card for all campus requirements
  • Easy medium for parents to send money to their children anytime & anywhere
  • Inculcates a sense of financial accountability and imbibes management skills